Caiman lost jaguar in the underwater diving competition and had to die

Speaking of the caiman’s most feared enemies, it can only be the jaguar. The jaguar is capable of flexibly fighting both on land and in water.

The caiman completely lost even the water battles and below is a prime example.

A jaguar is wandering near the water’s edge and is looking for a fresh meal. It immediately spotted a caiman and prepared to attack.

The jaguar hides and makes a jump into the water where the caiman is hiding. The battle was fierce when the jaguar could not capture the caiman from the beginning.

The jaguar can only bite the back of the caiman’s head to be able to defeat it, while the caiman can bite anywhere and it can kill the jaguar.

But the jaguar quickly found the caiman’s deadly spot even while the two animals were fighting in the water. The fight quickly ended when the caiman received a fatal blow.