The tiny centipede is looking for a way to destroy the snake’s circle of death and escape

An unexpected war that you would think would never happen again, but it is completely real and is recorded by a video on Youtube.

A giant centipede has a tense fight with a snake and the outcome will be full of surprises for the audience.

The unexpected encounter between two animals was not anticipated and the centipede was the one who took the initiative to attack first. Both animals carry toxic substances in their bodies and as long as one animal is caught off guard, it will die.

The centipede bites directly into the snake’s mouth and begins to deliver venom into the snake’s body. The painful snake curled up with the desire to suffocate the centipede.

It can be seen that the size of the centipede is quite small and the amount of poison of the centipede is not strong enough to end the fight.

The battle was fierce and none of them had any intention of retreating. Humans finally intervened in the fight and separated the two animals from each other.

But it was clear that the centipede won with a fatal bite and the snake barely had a chance to counterattack.